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Sustainable Interior Must Haves: Top 5 Ornamental Candles by Independent Brands

I’ve always been a bit candle obsessed, the first lockdown saw me buy 10kg of soy candle wax, and that, by the way, is a LOT of wax. After a few failed attempts, I quickly gained a new respect for candle makers (my Chemistry teacher would have told me not to bother as it’s not my strongest area) and I decided to leave it to the professionals. 

With the world spending more time in their homes this year, it’s no wonder candle sales have skyrocketed. But it has also been the year of being more mindful and supporting independent brands. And this is what brings us to today’s blog post. But this isn’t any old list of candles, oh no. This new spotlight on our fiery friends gave candle makers everywhere a new wave of creativity: we started to see brands adopting new lust worthy ways to sculpture wax, creations almost too good to burn. We saw the sell-out Lexpott twist candle in Neon Hues, and the ‘nude’ body candle produced by almost everyone (in my list below I tell you where you can get the original!) the candle lovers horizons were broadened like nothing before. So here you have it: my list of the top 5 independent brands, producing and selling sculptural candles so good, they deserve centre place on your shelfie.

1. Esh Candles

Esh are the fairy-tale story of independent candle makers. Established in 2020, with all the hell that’s gone on, you’d have thought the odds were against them. But this brand has gone from strength to strength, with sell out stock at every launch. I love Esh Candles for their individualism (and my SE London Bias). I recently purchased the ‘Mandarin and Meyer Lemon’ set and it did not disappoint. In fact I was over the moon to find out that they’re 100% handmade soy wax candles are also scented with essential oils. 10/10 from me!

Image by Holly Corsie

Image by Holly Corsie

2. Ellis Home Studios

Another champion of the natural, vegan soy wax, Ellis Home Candles are hand poured in Hampshire. From beautiful shells to the sort after ‘bubble’ design and classic pillars, what I love the most about
this brand is the COLOURS. They couldn’t have gotten a more perfect array of pastels is they tried. Perfect for the current pastel pop trend we’re seeing to bring a bit of fun to your interiors.

The Mango and Papaya Candle, Image from Ellis Home Studios

The Mix and Match Pillar Pair, Image by Ellis Home Studio

3. Nata Concept Store

Nata Concept Store not only deliver on individuality, but they also win on colouration. Whether it be geometric shapes or their surrealist ‘illusion’ candles, the latest collection Terra is inspired by nature.The earthy tones are wonderful as stand alone pieces, but when you see the candles together, the tonality will make you want to buy them all. A mantelpiece win.

Still Life Candle Image from Nata Concept Store

Illusion Candle image from Nata Concept Store

L’escalier candle image from Nata Concept Store

4. ‘Hannah’ Candle - by Bonam Kim @ Interiahysteria

I shot and styled a collection of stills for the launch of this amazing homewares brand during lockdown (including all of the shots below). We’re seeing the nude statue candle everywhere, but this one was the first. A champion for backing independent makers, Interiahysteria stock the original nude ‘Hannah’ candle by Bonam Kim. And you don’t get much better than an original!

Photography and Styling by me for InteriaHysteria

Hannah Candle by Bonam Kim on Interiahysteria by Holly Corsie

5. ‘The Knot Candle’ @ LifeStory

Lifestory – an independent homeware store in
Edinburgh, owned by the lovely Susan. Although not specialising in Candles,
this is literally a one-stop shop for all of your interior needs, and their
Knot candle just had to be included in my top five. It comes in four
scents/colourways, but the White Speckled Coconut is an absolute showstopper;
it would be hard for me to put a match to wick! Not only does it work as a candle,
it ticks all of your edgy ornament needs. *Adds to Christmas List*

So many individual designs popping up, by independent brands - how do we chose from them all? And when we do finally pick our favourite, do we dare light them? This I don’t have an answer for, but I hope this post has answered all of you Sustainable, Independent, sculptural candle needs.

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